Thank You for letting us know about your Food Allergy!
Special Diets:
Food allergies are a special concern for our staff.  Because we must place our food order in advance, it is vital that we have a list of your special requests 3 weeks prior to arrival.

Our kitchen can accommodate vegetarians and gluten free.  If you require a vegan or 100% organic meal or you have allergies that require special cooking needs where cross contamination could be a factor, we ask you to bring your own pre-made entrees.  Our kitchen staff can then heat your food and serve it during the normal meal times.

Our breakfast includes oatmeal, toast, yogurt, fruit, cold cereals and usually a breakfast meat and eggs. Both lunch and dinner have a fresh salad bar along with the entree.  

For those wishing not to bring their own food, we can shop and prepare gluten free meals for an additional charge of $6 per meal.   There is no additional charge for vegetarian meals.

Group Name:

Dates of Stay:



Name of Guardian, if under 18yrs.

Phone Number:

Milk (Lactose Allergy)

Nuts (please specify in following space)

Which nuts are you allerigc to?


If your allergy is affected by airborn gluten we ask you to bring and prepare your own food. As we do not have a separate kitchen and cannot guarantee food to be free of airborn gluten.



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Other: Please specify...

I carry an epi-pen for my aformentioned allergy.

Additional Notes:

I am bringing my own pre-made entrees that can be stored and heated by the kitchen.

Camp Oakhurst Kitchen is to provide these meals

Vegetarian Meals

No extra charge
Gluten Free Meals

Please provide me with the following meals

$6.00 per meal, please note quantity below

Please sign that the information is accurate and current to the best of your knowledge.

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